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Sikalastic 560

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Sika Top Seal 107

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Sikalastic 450I

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Sika 101 H

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SIKA Raintite I

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Sika Cool Coat

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Waterproofing Compound

Waterproofing refers to a posh process through which a building is protected against water and moisture intrusion. Although waterproofing and damp-proofing are often used interchangeably, they define two different things: while waterproofing prevents both moisture and water from entering buildings through exterior surfaces, damp-proofing only delivers a vapor barrier, which keeps out the moisture resulting from temperature variations. Waterproofing Coatings acts as impermeable barriers on the surfaces of roofs, walls, & other structural items to prevent the passage of water from these surfaces. Coating Increases the lifetime of structures and reduces maintenance costs.

Waterproofing Coatings is the procedure of making the walls, bridge, swimming pools & structure waterproof or water-resistant. It is applied to hide the masonry of the building with waterproof substances or materials. Coating Increases the lifetime of structures and reduces maintenance costs. We have waterproofing materials and products like Polymer modified acrylic coatings, Polymer modified bituminous coating, Single Component penetrating silane-siloxane primer, Bituminous primer coating, liquid polyurethane. .

We “ADT Industries” are one of the top most Manufacturer, Supplier, and distributor of Waterproof Coatings. We supply our products all over India such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, etc. we provide several products in waterproofing segments ie Waterproofing Material, Water repellent coatings, concrete waterproofing admixture, Integral Waterproofing Compound, Waterproofing Materials, Waterproof Membranes, Waterproof Elastomeric Coatings, Waterproof Coatings, Cementitious waterproofing coating, waterproof elastomeric coating with various brands in waterproof coatings which includes Dr. Fixit Waterproofing Solutions, Fosroc Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., Sika India Pvt. Ltd., Resikon Construction Chemical System, Chryso India Pvt. Ltd., STP Limited, and Sunanda Speciality Coating Pvt. Ltd.


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