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FOSROC Thioflex 600

Description of FOSROC Thioflex 600
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Nitoseal PU 280

Description of Nitoseal PU 280
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Adhesive Sealants compounds

Adhesive sealants is a substance that join, bind, hold, or fasten two or more materials together. Also, the cohesive and adhesive forces determine the strength of the tape , glue, or spray. A sealant is usually lower in strength compared to an adhesive and is additionally used for a special purpose. Sealants are often wont to fill gaps and resist relative movement of the surfaces to which they're applied. Self adhesive tapes. Even though adhesives are generally stronger, sealants provide the assembly with far more flexibility. Examples of sealants are often acrylic systems, silicones, and urethanes.

We “ADT Industries” are one of the most prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and distributor of Adhesive Sealants. We supply our products all over India such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune, Delhi, etc. we provide several products in the Sealants ie Sealants, Construction Sealants, Adhesive Sealants, Polyurethane Sealants, Joint Sealants with various brands in Adhesive Sealants which includes Fosroc Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., and Sika India Pvt. Ltd.


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